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erik cr

I'm Erik. I make YouTube videos, software projects, and live in a converted school bus.

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Tuesday thoughts on art and reverse engineering

Howdy friends, You are receiving the first installment of my new weekly newsletter. As a catalyst for organizing my thoughts, I'll be sharing ideas that may (or may not) make it into the Bus Theory videos. This brings me to my first topic. Don't get off the bus too earlyI

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Fishin N Talkin - Ep. 1

I decided to sit down at the canal with a fishing pole and tell a few tales of the travels in Ireland.

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Weekly Update #2

After listening to a podcast with Cameron Herold I began working on a vivid vision for Setkit. I recognize this is premature but it has provided some valuable writing that I may just turn into a post. I recently got some new video/audio equipment so I'm gearing up to