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Erik C. Rutledge
Erik C. Rutledge
1 min read

Update Aug 4, 2020: The following is an original post from my Svbtle personal blog, preserved for authenticity.

I was recently presented with the idea of becoming a merit badge counselor for the boy scouts. Unfortunately, like many things nowadays, my initial reaction was that it would just be another thing I would have to try and fit into my already busy schedule. I haven't really been very involved with scouting ever since I received my Eagle. It just got pushed off my plate once I was finished.

After I really started to think about it though, I'm starting to get very excited about being able to teach scouts about computers and technology. The BSA has recently created two new merit badges, Digital Technology and Programming. Those two along with Computers, Electronics, Public Speaking, and Entrepreneurship are the ones I have applied to be a counselor for. I almost don't want to get involved with just one troop. More like be available to all troops in the area, and just primarily be a counselor. Similarly I could work at merit badges colleges (which are just weekend sessions where scouts sign up and work on merit badges).

I bring all this up to say that I could see myself being a teacher someday. And that I would probably enjoy it a lot. So hopefully I will be able to get a taste of what that is like through scouting.

P.S. If you know of a scout troop that is looking for volunteers, feel free to give out my name or get me some contact info.