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Erik C. Rutledge
Erik C. Rutledge
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Update Feb 19, 2021: Once again updated since I switched back to Ghost.

Update Aug 4, 2020: The following is an original post from the date below, preserved for authenticity

Note: This post was originally written for my Ghost blog, but I am not willing to pay for a blog at this point so I got rid of it.

What better to write about on my first post than the most important thing to every happen to me.

As I read that sentence back to myself, I can't tell if it sounds correct or horribly wrong. I also just realized that Ghost doesn't seem to have spellcheck built in, which means something is going to be spelt incorrectly throughout this ramble. Spelt? Spelled? But wait, back to the intro.

I am on the last leg of an eighteen year journey through academia. For what? So that I can move away and wash dishes in the back of a pancake shop. Or pull carts through the middle of Dublin Time Square (if that exists).

I just created my Ghost blog, but wanted to get started immediately. Content is most of what people talk about nowadays, but as I sit down to write this all that comes to mind are these stream of conscious leapfrogs to nowhere.

A question I asked a long time ago, and still ask today: do we really need more people writing?