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Education Revolution

Erik C. Rutledge
Erik C. Rutledge
1 min read

Update Aug 4, 2020: The following is an original post from the date below, preserved for authenticity.

I feel burdened with the need to learn everything I can. I have access to the world's information at the click of a button. I struggle to understand why that burden isn't shared by others.

This morning I began to have a shift in perspective. For a while now I have seen the world through a glass half full perspective. That people who don't want to learn are the rule, while people who do are the exception. I have decided to reverse this belief. Which also makes people's intentions and actions change. If I do assume that it is human nature to desire learning, then there must be a step along the way that hinders this desire. My first guess, of course, is the current education system. How we are taught, what we are taught, and the motivations of those teaching us. Maybe if these were better aligned with natural human tendencies.

With that being said, I still continue to have questioning beliefs about many people, seeing as how much time and effort is spent on watching TV and playing video games. How much we complain about going to class and doing homework. I still wonder if it is worth trying to convince people to continue learning (I personally do not find trying to convince a very constructive use of my time). In the current state of the Internet, information is abundant, but people still don't take full advantage. For someone to say 'I don't know how' most likely means that they simply don't want to put in the effort to learn it. So maybe we are still lacking in creating a compelling case to learn the information. Or not teaching it in an understandable way.

But in the end, a person has to be motivated to learn before learning can take place. However, there appears a distinction between desire and motivation. As I have used them, the desire sounds more of an internal need to learn (learning for the sake of learning) and motivation is the external logic to learn (new job, promotion).

As usually happens, I have spent a while thinking and writing this, I am now even more confused and unsure than when I began. Another step along the journey, I suppose.