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Beautiful Trip is Born

Erik C. Rutledge
Erik C. Rutledge
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I've begun the attempt to integrate Amplify into the Swift project. I'm a few steps into the 'Getting Started' tutorial and things are moving along fine.

I finished the rest of the swipeable card tutorial and encountered a few more examples of complex Swift code that I got lost in.

To my surprise (and excitement) Amplify has had a significant update since the last time I used it, which was probably some time in October.

Beautiful Trip

This is the name I have given to my language practicing app. It's named after the Kid Cudi song.

I have created the basic skeleton to include a dropdown at the top which will serve as the selection to switch between verbs, nouns, etc. There could even be a secondary selection to focus on a specific tense or singular/plural. It also hides the infinitive form of the verb until you tap the ****.

I listened to a video interview the other day hosted by the Preply company who spoke with a language learning expert. He pointed out it's more powerful to learn when you can use example that are relevant to you. So the default will be to provide the user with a generic phrase/example but allow them to edit  and provide their own.

That has been one of the biggest things I've notice with other apps: not able to change the content or to focus specifically on verbs.

Added a nice little gradient background (and support for dark mode of course).

Time to get it to a point of somewhat functional.

Amplify DataStore

I've already set up a the basic Amplify console, but I'm going to work with DataStore locally first and then sync it to the cloud afterwards.

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