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AI Thoughts and Thinking

Erik C. Rutledge
Erik C. Rutledge
1 min read

Update Aug 4, 2020: The following is an original post from the date below, preserved for authenticity

This begins the category of posts related to what's new... with me. Simple updates on what I've been reading about or contemplating.

I've been doing a bunch of research the last two days about AI and recent developments. On the surface I don't like the term AI because it's both grossly misunderstood and equally over exaggerated. Everybody loves to reference Terminator and the impending doom of such technology.

I have however, found that the capabilities are far more advanced than I was aware. The IBM Watson is now being developed with the capability to create music, although it's not yet available for developer testing. The next big item I found was the Watson Education platform. It seems to be in early stages however there are two products being offered. It's trying to address the current problems of student progress tracking.

This is an interesting application, but there's much more work to be done. And requires a much cheaper implementation.