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Adventure Time

Erik C. Rutledge
Erik C. Rutledge
1 min read

I had one of the most adventurous weekends of my life last weekend. I'm just disappointed that it has taken me this long to finally realize it. I have done week long camps, gone on many a hikes and backpacking trips, and even done some basic caving, but nothing near as exhilarating as this trip.

While many people would probably call it personal abuse, these people call it just another weekend. These people being my friend Jason, a couple of his friends, and his parents.

The first night started out pretty basic. We took the boat out to a rope swing and made the most of what little daylight was left, unaware of the pending trials.

To prepare for the cave, which we have to repel down into, a rope and harness system is set up on the porch outside. We learn the ropes of how to get in and out. Each person has their turn to practice. And then it's off to tackle the real thing.

As we approach it looks almost like a funnel where the ground has created a cone shaped entrance into the ground. Bob is first. Then Sam. I'm third. Jason follows in the rear. After you harness is fully hooked into the rope tied to the tree, its just like you see in the movies. You slide and jerk down the rope, bouncing of the rocky walls until you reach the point of free fall.